Choirs@Work began when David joined Oracle in 1993.  He had recently performed and recorded with vocal ensembles in Cambridge, MA;  Menlo Park, CA; and San Francisco, CA.  These included the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, the California Bach Society, the San Francisco Bach Choir, Pacific Chamber Singers, MIT’s Chamber Choir, Choral Society, and Logarhythms, the Boston Cecilia Society, the Longy School Choir, and several others. Suddenly he found himself at a major software company, working alongside many other talented vocalists with equally strong, recent collegiate and community choir experiences.  Many were recent transplants to the Bay Area and had found no local outlet with which to sing.  David wasted no time in establishing and directing an open-forum rounds singing group, then christened it "SQL*Notes" a play on then company product name “SQL*Net”.  Within a quarter or two, he had recruited a top-notch vocal sextet, named the Primary Keys.  After a successful debut concert recital in a private home in Berkeley, the group evolved into "Ora*Cappella", and opened its ranks to newly-hired Oracle employees.  Ora*Cappella would go on to record and sing at public and private venues, including Oracle OpenWorld at Moscone Center in San Francisco (since renamed OracleWorld), the Oakland Coliseum, and several area holiday events, farmer's markets and block parties in the surrounding community.

Ora*Cappella found it was not alone, however; employee singing groups were popping up left and right during the mid and late 1990s.  And not just in high tech companies!  When David and Melissa found out that even the San Francisco Meter Maids had formed an employee singing group, and begun to explore the restorative and healing qualities of vocal music in stressful corporate surroundings, the more universal Choirs@Work meme was born.  Today, Oracle actually sports two employee choirs, one from an acquired company (Sun Microsystems), and Ora*Cappella, back after seven years in abeyance – David having rejoined Oracle in February 2015.