1. Bird in the Dark #1 Melissa Smith 3:04

“First Fridays” is an Artopia! project encouraging calm, contemplation, and relaxation in the listener. Melissa creates sound portraits while improvising on the piano in near-total darkness. Guests attending the Renditions Music Soundscape Studio are encouraged to bring mats, pillows and eye masks to enhance the stress-relieving effects. Melissa’s improvisations, such as “Bird in the Dark #1”, above, can be enjoyed equally from downloaded tracks, high-quality CD audio recordings, and live “First Friday” settings from October to May.

Inaugural First Friday Event

This Friday, October 2

7:30-7:45 gather for cucumber mint water or herbal tea

8:00 detoxifying alpha / beta healing wave music starts

8:40-9:00 depart in peace

Inquire about hosting or attending a “First Fridays” event by emailing or calling Renditions Music Services at 650.363.8123